Meet Franchisee, Gazala Ansari

Meet Franchisee, Gazala Ansari

What makes Gazala a spectacular Renovation Partner is her passion for the industry and making her clients happy. Her enthusiasm is supported by a Master’s Degree in Business & Project Management and 11 years in commercial and residential construction. This experience has included establishing a planning company that develops plans and schedules for clients.

The opportunity for Gazala to become a Renovation Partner was a no-brainer, as she enjoys working closely with all clients and contractors involved during projects – a quality that aligns perfectly with the Refresh experience. She also holds a Construction Forensic Delay Analysis certification, a valuable asset for risk mitigation.

Now joining Refresh as a Renovation Partner, she’s thrilled to further utilise her expertise, keen eye for detail, and astute ability to foresee delays to provide a fantastic renovation experience for homeowners across Christchurch.

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  • Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

    “A really forward thinking, innovative company”

    Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

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