Meet franchisee Grant Young

Meet franchisee Grant Young

Throughout his childhood, Grant loved designing and building things. He was hands-on and always excited to explore new approaches. So it makes sense that he would go on to develop a career in the construction industry.

Ambitious to continue expanding his knowledge, Grant has happily jumped at new opportunities throughout his 27 years of working in construction. These moments have included establishing a construction company and a separate kitchen business, following which he takes his next opportunity as a Renovation Specialist.

Taking on the Rodney region, Grant is thrilled to utilise his knowledge and business management skills in combination with Refresh Renovation’s systems and processes. Not only will he gain support as a Franchisee, but he’ll also become better able to simplify the entire project management aspect of renovations.

Positively motivated, Grant looks forward to delivering the best possible customer service and home renovations, all with a commitment to reducing customer stress while increasing their build quality.

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  • Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

    “A really forward thinking, innovative company”

    Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

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