Kamran Khan - North Shore Renovation Specialist

Kamran Khan - North Shore Renovation Specialist

Before joining Refresh Renovations, Kamran’s journey began with a fascination for architecture and design; this later progressed into an engineering career. Working in global organisations around the world has allowed his interpersonal skills to flourish. However, most importantly, he is driven by a passion for delivering high-quality results.

Refresh Renovations became an opportunity for Kamran to expand his experience while using transferable skills he developed from other areas in life. Based in Auckland’s North Shore branch, Kamran is involved in the sales engagement cycle, project delivery, and the ever-crucial client communication. Every day he has the chance to work on exciting projects where each project is unique.

Refresh Renovations is an energising new challenge to cultivate your professional skill set, make meaningful connections, and deliver exceptional results. Kamran is excited to be part of an organisation that provides unique processes and undisputed project management systems. Utilising his experience with Refresh’s world-class systems, Kamran is thrilled to be delivering exceptional home renovations across the North Shore.

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