Meet franchisee Rohit Raj

Meet franchisee Rohit Raj

Rohit comes from a techno-commercial background where he has worked with billion-dollar global companies for the last two decades. Having dealt with the end-to-end product development process, he has an eye for conceptualising and can successfully bring visions to life, which is what inspired him to join the renovation industry.

Beyond results-driven work experience, Rohit also spent years interacting directly with customers, providing a helping hand when needed. From this customer-centric aspect of his career, he gained strong people skills which are easily recognised in his friendly presence.

Now, with Refresh Renovations, Rohit continues putting his skills to use - but instead to deliver high-quality renovation results. He is a true people-person and loves how customer-centric his role is as a Franchisee.

Day-to-day, he dedicates himself to providing the greatest renovation experience for all customers. Because for him, it’s seeing customers thrilled by the finish of their home’s renovation which drives his motivation and fuels his passion.

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  • Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

    “A really forward thinking, innovative company”

    Dave Georgetti, Franchise Owner

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