A Franchise 'First': Refresh Control Franchise Management System
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A Franchise 'First': Refresh Control Franchise Management System

A world first

Refresh Renovations began offering their unique design-and-build renovation process for homeowners in New Zealand, and has since expanded to Australia and Europe. But nowhere in the world did a cloud-based enterprise-class IT solution exist that could accommodate their unique design-and-build process with intuitive CRM functionality and contextualised, step-by-step manuals.

That’s why they built their own proprietary franchise management system - Refresh Control. While Refresh is a business that’s ‘built for building,’ Control is the system that’s built for building the franchisees’ business.

A comprehensive starter kit for franchisees

Control means that new franchisees become operational from Day One. New franchisees can:

Based on best practices

Refresh Control was specifically designed to allow franchisees to manage their unique residential renovations business. It incorporates important ‘lessons learned’ in delivering renovations - so that new franchisees don’t have to.

Always improving in value

No longer held hostage by the development schedules of third-party service providers, Refresh can develop new features for Control at any time to further enhance their unique residential renovations offer, and as a cloud-based system Control can be deployed in any new territory or country in the world.

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