Four reasons to own a franchise
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Four reasons to own a franchise

Few things are as satisfying as owning your own business. It allows you to build an asset, contribute to the economy and reap the rewards of your hard work.

Owning a Refresh Renovation franchise offers you the best of both worlds – you have all the security and support of our proven systems, with no limits on the size of the business you want to grow.

A proven business model

Setting up your own business from scratch can be a daunting undertaking, and there are sobering statistics around the percentage of new businesses that fail within the first few years.

Launching your own Refresh Renovation franchise, however, is a very different scenario. From day one, you are starting with a proven business model, a trusted brand, and full support structures in place. And most importantly, you have project-ready customers who are asking for your services!

The Refresh business model is also designed to scale up with your business. Rather than grappling with the usual growing pains of a small business, you’ll follow a strategic path for growth.

Decreased operating costs = increased profitability

Owning a business that’s part of a wider group reduces risk, and you’ll also be ultimately more profitable than as an independent business.

There are two reasons for this. Firstly, instead of facing the full cost of setting up your business infrastructure – including expensive overheads like marketing and IT systems – you’ll have these core services already provided as part of your franchise.

Secondly, because of our consolidated buying power, your cost of goods and labour will be lower, giving you another lever in managing your margins.

Collaboration with other franchisees: group support

Running your own business can sometimes be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be. As a Refresh Renovations franchise owner, you’ll be part of a network of successful, like-minded business owners that share a passion for business, an interest in the property market, and a focus on delivering great customer service.

Another unique aspect of the Refresh model is that we encourage our franchise owners to network and support each other. When you learn from others that are running the same business as you, every piece of advice is relevant.

Research done by Harvard University best articulates the value of social support in a group:

“These networks are invaluable at every stage of scaling a business and provide ways for contractors to share best practices and innovative ideas for scaling, as well as an ability to benchmark to their peers in the industry. As one industry leader put it, “participating in peer networks […] should be ‘mission critical’ for any remodelling business, and might be the single biggest differentiator between successful and unsuccessful businesses in this industry.”

You will have plenty of opportunity to meet with your fellow owners, both informally and at regular events such as the annual conference.

You’re in control

Unlike some franchise operations, the Refresh model is not overly-prescriptive. While we provide all the support you need to implement our strategy, we also believe in giving you the freedom to achieve things your way.

Given that our systems and processes have been proven successful, and refined over time, there is certainly no need for you to reinvent the wheel. However, there is always scope to make your own decision.

For instance, while we offer you access to our leading suppliers and tradespeople, you are free to use any others you wish. Or, in addition to our group marketing services, you are also encouraged to develop local marketing opportunities and partnerships within your own region.

Refresh is one of the few franchise opportunities where you can bring your unique management skills and individual decision-making to the table. (In other words, we don’t tell you precisely how many pickles you must put in the bun!).

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