Meet Franchisee, Becki Binedell
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Meet Franchisee, Becki Binedell

Boasting a background in clinical research with extensive experience in managing communication between multiple stakeholders, Becki is now bringing these skills to her role as Renovation Consultant for Refresh Manukau and Eastern Bays, building strong relationships with her team as well as her clients.

Knowing the value of having renovation experts at the helm of a project - Becki tried her hand at DIY when renovating her first home - she’s since renovated several houses, delivering on individual sets of requirements and accommodating the different quirks each home and project has brought. 

Clear communication, a transparent approach to project management, and a friendly can-do attitude form the foundation of Becki’s approach to renovations for her clients. She spends time up front during the planning phase, dotting all i’s and crossing all t’s to ensure once the project is underway there is minimal impact on budget and timeline.

Becki looks forward to hearing the exciting ideas homeowners have for their projects in Manukau and Eastern Bays and embarking on their renovation journeys with them to turn those ideas into reality.

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