Our franchise selection process
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Our franchise selection process

1.        Initial meeting

Let’s meet

You’ll meet with our team at Refresh Renovations’ head office. We’ll explain the Refresh Renovations business model in greater detail, and what your franchise will involve. Please come prepared with a list of questions.

Getting to know you

This meeting is also about getting to know you – and talking through your ideas, expectations and aspirations for your new business. This session should help you decide if this is the business for you, a brand that inspires you, and a team you’d like to be part of.

2.        Information sharing

Financial analysis

In this step, we provide you with full details on the Refresh Renovations business model, including financial information and your forecast earnings as a franchise owner.

Testing the fit

Similarly, we will seek more information from you, via an online Information Request. This is to ensure we are both aligned on expectations. This information is kept confidential.

3.        Due diligence

Independent advice

This is the most detailed part of the process, and typically takes a month to complete. During this stage, we recommend you take advice from independent financial advisors who specialise in franchise systems.

Draft Franchise Agreement

We will also give you a copy of the draft Franchise Agreement. You can email us with any questions as you work through this stage.

Talk to other franchisees

Lastly, if you would like to talk to some existing Refresh Renovations franchise owners, we’ll be happy to provide you with their contact details.

4.        The offer

Final meeting

We get together again for a final meeting. This is an opportunity to discuss any issues or outstanding questions that arose during your due diligence. We believe open and honest communication is the right way to begin any relationship.

Formal offer

We then formally offer you a Refresh Renovations franchise and territory. Upon payment of a fee to cover legal costs (this is non-refundable), our lawyer will prepare for you the relevant contract documents to take to your franchise lawyer.

5.        The legal work

Legal documentation

You will have 14 days to accept our offer. Once you’ve decided to purchase a franchise, you will need to complete the legal documentation with an experienced franchise lawyer.

To improve the briefing process, and reduce your legal costs, we suggest you provide your lawyer with copies of all our correspondence and discussions to date (including emailed questions and answers).


Once you have signed the contract, and paid the franchise fee, you are awarded your Refresh Renovations franchise.

6.        You’re in business

Setup and training

Together, we’ll get your business up and running. We will set up your IT, and train you on all Refresh Renovations business systems. You will be provided with all of your branding materials; including vehicle livery, business cards and marketing collateral.

Ongoing support

You’ll also start working with your first clients, and building your project pipeline. Along the way, we’ll provide as much help and advice as you need. It’s the start of an exciting journey for you, and for us!

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