Refresh Renovations is taking flight!
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Refresh Renovations is taking flight!

Jon Bridge is a man on a mission. He’s out to change the way the world renovates and for good reason. Every year, 30% of money spent on renovations in New Zealand is wasted and 20-30% of renovation projects end in disputes. As a $12billion/year industry, that’s $4billion wasted every year on renovations because of poor project planning.

Similar statistics can be found in the US. Studies by Harvard University have shown the renovation market is the most fragmented sector of the entire US economy. “There are 650,000 renovation builders in the US but 90% of them have only one to three people working in them,” says Jon. “Those businesses don’t have the layers of resources to invest in what makes a project run smoothly - project management and communication.”

Fortunately, Jon does. He’s the founder of Refresh Renovations, a multi-brand, renovation company that includes 170 franchises and which has completed over half a billion dollars of renovation work for Kiwis. And, talking to Mike Hosking on The Mike Hosking Breakfast Show, Jon shared the secret. A unique process that encompasses expert project management, great customer service, scheduled timelines, and agreed budgets. 

With great success achieved from the trio of brands - Refresh Renovations, Zones Landscaping, and Oncore Maintenance - Jon is now focused on expanding globally into the UK and US!

Ready to join the journey?

If delivering great customer service and owning your piece of a Kiwi success story has appeal, get in touch with Refresh Renovations and enquire about becoming a franchisee.

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