What do you get with a Refresh franchise?
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What do you get with a Refresh franchise?

ARTICLE Erin Reilly

The power of a market-leading brand

A unique offering
Refresh Renovations. We are the first nationwide design-and-build franchise network to specialise in the renovation market. This makes our offering unique in the marketplace.

A great customer experience
We’ve developed the systems and processes to create the ultimate customer experience. Customers trust Refresh Renovations because they know they will receive a consistently good level of service. Not just once, but every time they want to renovate.

A trusted brand
As a Refresh Renovations franchise owner, you will benefit from having an established, high-profile and trusted name. We’ve already achieved national and international reach with our brand – and it’s only going to grow stronger.

Part of a strong network
As a Refresh Renovations franchise owner, you’re in business for yourself – but not by yourself. You’ll be part of a network of successful, high-achieving franchise owners, backed by a national brand and support team, who are all helping to grow your business.

Full operational business support

A network of franchisees
The Refresh Renovations model is collaborative, not competitive. Our franchise owners work together to grow the success of the brand. They’re happy to share information and advice on successful projects.

Expert coaching and support
As a new franchise owner working with your first clients, you’ll receive full training and support. Your ongoing success will be supported via our business coaching, best-practice benchmarking, and information-sharing with your Refresh Renovation colleagues.

World-class IT system
A key part of the Refresh Renovation offering is our proven IT systems to manage the complete design-and-build process. We provide all the templates, contracts and documentation required at every stage.

Everything to run your business
Our central support office provides everything you need to keep the ‘back end’ of your business running smoothly – including systems for marketing, administration, financials, HR, and IT. By streamlining these time-consuming functions, you’ll spend more time focused on generating revenue from renovations.

Powerful lead generation

Extensive marketing campaigns
There’s a reason why Refresh Renovations has such a strong market presence. It’s because we also own a professional marketing and communications agency, which specialises in the construction industry! From publishing our own ‘Renovate’ magazine, to achieving top google rankings, our team is working 24/7 on your brand.

Dedicated call centre
To make things more efficient for you, we have a dedicated call centre which receives and responds promptly to every new customer enquiry. Qualified leads are then forwarded to you, based on your territory. Our ERP system captures all customer details, and steps you through the initial sales process.

Effective lead-conversion tools
Using the Refresh Renovations sales process, you will eliminate ‘time-wasting’ enquiries and deal only in genuine, pre-qualified leads. From the initial client meeting, you progress straight to the revenue-earning concept plan stage. Most Refresh customers who complete concept plans will then proceed with a full renovation.

A strong pipeline of projects
The Refresh Renovations business model is designed to provide you with a consistent, manageable workload – coupled with the steady growth of your business. You can continually secure the next projects, while your builders are completing the current renovations. And as you take on more work, your can grow your construction team to suit.

Partnership with leading industry suppliers

Industry training programmes
Many of our industry partners run training and development programmes that you can access through the Refresh relationship. You and your team will have the opportunity to upskill across a range of areas - from construction seminars, to health and safety training.

Partnerships with leading brands
As a group, Refresh Renovations has also built relationships with other leading brands in the construction and design industry. Our reciprocal marketing and product supply opportunities reinforce to customers that Refresh is associated with quality materials.

Access to contractor networks
Refresh Renovations can provide you with proven networks of designers and sub-contractors to work on your projects. In addition, our industry partners can help you pull together great teams. Many of them have their own networks of installers that you can access through the Refresh relationship.

Group buying power
As a Refresh Renovations franchise owner, you will have access to discounted pricing on quality construction materials. Using our group’s size, we are able to negotiate these preferential purchasing agreements on your behalf. We also negotiate preferential comprehensive insurance for your business that covers you throughout the design-and-build process.

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