Meet Franchisee Alison Scarlet
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Meet Franchisee Alison Scarlet

While working in the building industry for seven years, Alison developed a wealth of industry knowledge and management expertise. But she was ready for a change; a fresh start that would allow her to utilise these skills.

Having always been undeniably passionate about helping others - this trait alone makes her a fantastic Renovation Specialist. However, it was her sister's disaster experience with renovating that inspired her to join Refresh Renovations in making every experience exceptional.

With her previous experience, Alison also brings her people skills and studious nature as a life-long learner. It’s a quality which keeps her always looking for smarter solutions; the same quality which supported her in completing an exceptional renovation on her own home. But that’s not her only win.

Back in 2016, Alison won PlaceMakers Account Manager of the year. This achievement is largely thanks to her genuine love for juggling multiple tasks at a time. However, it’s also a credit to her powerful people skills which provide clear communication to ensures projects run smoothly.

Over the years, Alison has also established strong relationships with talented designers and subcontractors. Today, she combines these connections with her project management skills to deliver fantastic renovation services in Christchurch.

This premium experience is made possible by using Refresh Renovations’ streamlined systems which assure all technical details are examined and support simple communication between client and Renovation Specialist.

What’s part of the new role is she enjoying the most? Alison says it’s “the opportunity to visit unique properties and work with people to discuss options and ideas for their dream project.

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